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EVOLV3 - Love You For Life

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With (most likely an unconscious) homage to the sound of Bel Biv Divoe's ("Can You Stand The Rain) and the vocal approach of the Isley Brothers, Evolv3 presents "Love You for Life" with a commitment to the 'smooth and laid back'. The smooth feel is complimented with BGVs that keep the track anchored in a calm urban groove. Those elements provide an opportunity for the lead vocals to take center stage. On that stage, the lead vocals are appropriately urgent and Evolv3 does a commendable job of displaying his upper vocal register, the song, though, is rather predictable. The production is solid and the groove is consistent, yet ultimately "Love You for Life" plays better as background music than a song that takes front and center stage. If your desire is to have an ambient piece that provides mood and atmosphere, then you may love this song. But if you're hoping for a perfect marriage of song, songwriting, and vocals, then you may have to wait for Evol3 to continue to evolve.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the song on Youtube. (We purchased it to review it. Tell me we aren't supporters! For more on Evolv3, check out the website:

Special Contribution by Tony Johnson

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