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Charlie B

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Charlie B has an innocence that only youth (or even, perhaps, perceived youth can have). He enjoys the benefit, and forgiveness, of a younger artist seeking to make good music. It is clear that MJ - the gloved one himself is a cornerstone influence on Charlie B's musical interpretation, delivery, and vibe. In that, Charlie B. carries on a legacy and tradition that is admirable and much admired. The challenge with MJ being such a cornerstone lies in demonstrating one's unique fingerprint outside of one's musical idol. Charlie B's ability to commit to delivering a song is clear. His talent for capturing the essence of his idols is profound. What is less clear is how much of the delivery is uniquely Charlie B versus his channeling of other artists who have influenced him.

As one who enjoys covers, and often does them, I'd like for the life-preserver to be gently put aside so that Charlie B. can show his swimming prowess first hand. There is a uniqueness and musical contribution to Charlie B that we haven't seen yet. With good producers, I think he could define (or redefine) himself and show that HE is an artist – far more than a cover artist of others.

Special Contribution: Tony Johnson


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