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Kenya - "Let Me"

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Kenya's "Let Me" is a refreshing testament to the power of skillful vocals, solid songwriting, and experienced production.  "Let Me" is an song that invites its listener to become part of its energy (versus intruding on one's personal space.)  Kenya's silky voice playfully hides the apparent talent that lies beneath.  When enjoying Keny's vocal approach, it becomes clear that she has the ability to match her vocals to what a song (and its writing) needs - in the case of "Let Me" that would be a hide 'n seek, confident, soulful woman who need not ask for approval--rather one who offers you the rare pleasure of her presence. Kenya's is a voice that would equally translate to a host of musical genres and traditions - jazz, neo-soul, gospel, blues, R&B, and....(you get the point!)


BGVs echo the strength of womanhood in all the right places.  The musical score is solid with a groove that can last for hours without becoming boring or distracting. By contrast, the groove evokes familiar feelings of 'grown-folk love' and not the childish baby love often experienced in adolescence.   Sometimes, a song and its vocalist are aided by the power of its music video.  No doubt, "Let Me" is complimented by the engaging videography of its well done video. To that end, it is not held hostage to it.  Whether enjoying audio or video, "Let Me" holds true to great artistry.
Check out Kenya at her website!
Contributed by Tony Johnson


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