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Akira - B'day Girl

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"Artist Spotlight"

Akira means intelligent, bright, clear. Having said that, independent hip hop artist Akira's mission is crystal clear: he wants to take his mixtape swag, overlay it with commercial appeal, and segue his musical brand to the masses. 

He hopes that his single "B'day Girl" is one step toward doing that. "B'day Girl" features a stylish production, an easy-to-sing-to-hook, a danceable beat, and, of course, Akira's rapping. 

The song's theme isn't new. He wants to get a girl into her birthday suit, and then quickly get into his. Still, it's an extremely radio-friendly song that deserves to be heard. So credible that the Grammy Rap panel named it number 24 best rap in 2014.

Some independent artists sound ... well ... independent ... still honing their crafts. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, every artists must continually improve their skills. Nevertheless, some independent artists sound like they should be in heavy rotation on the radio. And that's how Akira sounds. Hopefully we will hear him there soon. 


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