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Side FX (EP) - Denitia & Sene

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Denitia & Sene have love on their mind (cue Natalie Cole) on their 4 track EP entitled "Side FX." When love is at its best, it's wonderful and reciprocated. When it's not, when it breaks down, when it's over, we write edgy songs of painful angst. On "Side FX," Denitia & Sene experiene both facets of love. They get their hearts broken, as well as break a few hearts.

They're on the losing side of love in "Running," the opening track, as they plead with a lover to stop "Running." Lovers need to reason, to talk, to work things out, because "we couldn't fail, unless we tried." 

"Side FX" is my favorite. Here Denitia is almost flippant toward the feelings of the lover whom she has seemingly moved on from, for as she puts it "nothing lasts forever." The love was intense, full-throttled, and messy. But she's willing to toss it off. "It's the side-effects of hurricanes." (That could be literal. Too many hurricanes have been known to result in sloppy-short-lived-love-making.)

The beats on the album vary from electronic and synthesized, sparse and haunting, and sounds that are akin to chiptunes. As always, Denitia's vocals are crystal clear and compelling, and the lyrics packed full of metaphors and imagery.

Drums drive "The Fan," where for a moment, Aphrodite seems to have blessed the love; and the song oozes happiness. But clearly, the love is temporary because on their final track, "Because We Are Fools," they question the whole business of falling in love. 

They aren't the first singers to try to answer the question, why do fools fall in love? And they surely won't be the last. But few will craft it as stylishly as Denitia and Sene have on "Side FX."

Check out the "Side FX" - the single - below:






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