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Trip.Fall. - Denitia and Sene

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There's so much bad music out there that sometimes the good music gets overlooked. (I know, you weren't expecting that, huh? You were expecting me to say that's there's so much good music out there ... And there is. Still, there's more bad than anything. But I digress ...)

I hate when I miss a good song. But with the tons of music that's distributed every year - independent included - how could I not? So I particularly appreciate when anyone turns me on to a good song. Having said that, my best friend had this "bumping" in his mini-cooper (a body-builder in a mini-cooper? go figure!) this past weekend and within about sixty seconds I was nodding along. By the end of the first play, I knew I had missed a great song that deserved a stellar review. 

Trip.Fall. is groovy down-tempo house, and if you know anything about me (and since I'm a nobody, you probably don't), you know that down-tempo house is my favorite genre. Groovy, sparse, chillout with emotionally resonant vocals ... 

By the fifth play, I found myself trying to determine who had tripped and who had fallen. Or perhaps I had. We all have, tripped, fallen ... into love ... unrequited. Burned and but bitter. That's how Trip.Fall. feels. 

A ton of remixes exist of this song. I've uploaded one of my favorites. But if you like a more chill version, check out the radio edit. 

Wanna know more about Denitia and Sene? Check out their interview with Interview Magazine.


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